The eyeliner

For some unusual reason today as I applied eyeliner 
I remembered an event that happened a few years ago
that had to do with this eyeliner, something I use every day.

Jeans Zara - Flower print shirt Tommy Hilfiger -
 Striped sweater Tommy Hilfiger - Black flats Jessica Simpson - Grey bag 
A while back I worked in an advertising agency.
I had this meeting that I wanted to look really good for.
The night before the meeting before I removed
my make up and went to bed, I realised that my
eyeliner line looked amazingly good, so good that I 
was certain I could not redo it the next day…
So I slept on it.


drollgirl said...

sometimes i think my makeup looks best after i take a nap in it -- my eyelashes get curly and look their best. the rest of me? not so much. lol

love the sweater!!!!

Sheila said...

I always ruin my make-up when I sleep - and my hair turns into a big mohawk!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

too funny! love your outfit!

LyddieGal said...

Hahaha, and did it still look good the next morning?
Somehow I manage to destroy my eyeliner by the end of the day, hence why I usually have sunglasses on ;)
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