Ava's room

During a short trip I was treated to an room upgrade, 
courtesy of the hotel.

I did not think much of it as I got on the elevator on to the 6th floor
where my room was.

When I got there I realised that I had been assigned to the 
room Ava Gardner had stayed in during the 1950s.

I must admit it was quite a surprise.

NYDJ Jeans - Pink sweater Daisy Fuentes - Flower print scarf H&M - Grey flats Zara  
The room was equipped with what seemed to be antique furniture
and had an outstanding ocean view.

Being there was like traveling back in time..

As I looked in the mirror, I could only imagine her getting
dressed for an outing… 


Jodi said...

what a cool old room and a funky hotel!!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

how surreal! i loved ava gardner. she was so beautiful. very nice of them. you look cute lorena.

LyddieGal said...

How charming! That must have made for such a memorable stay.
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