Kind of Organized

I am an organized person.
Well, kind of.

NYDJ - grey shoes Zara - White top Zara - Grey bag 
For example my shoes are all in one place.
Not so my bags.

If you ask me to find something the odds are I will
find it 98% of the time.

Silver tone vintage like Pearl earrings
Even if the drawer is a mess and cluttered I will find it. 

How about you ?
How organised are you, do you know where everything is ?


LyddieGal said...

I do know where everything is, and if it's not in the right place, I freak out. I'm very particular. I HATE having to search for things.

Sometimes things are messy, but I still know where it all is.

Chic on the Cheap

Chronically Vintage said...

What strikingly lovely earrings - very Edwardian revival. They're so classic, elegant and gorgeous!

I'm a hugely organized person. I find that creating order in my home helps my stress and anxiety levels across the board. Like yourself, I'd say I know where something is about 98% of the time, too, and honestly couldn't imagine living any other way. I literally need to be organized in order to function at my best.

Joyful February wishes!
♥ Jessica

Sheila said...

I'm very organized, but I'm a visual organizer, which means sticky notes everywhere, and everything has to be where I can see it. If I've seen something, I always can remember where it is, but "out of sight, out of mind."

Mica said...

haha, I am a very disorganised person! I mean, I know where everything is, but to the casual observer(..or my husband!) everything just looks like it's in a big messy pile...I try to be more organised but my problem is too much stuff, not enough space to store it. the solution is less stuff, something I'm working on!

Away From The Blue

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I have to have order! Everything has it's place or else I go crazy! LOL