Breaking the rules

I shopped this dress breaking one my
my rules: never buy something without trying it on.

Blue striped dress Reserve - Tsubo yellow heels - Grey bag 
I just had to skip it this time around.
It was so cold.

I had a jacket, a sweater, a shirt, scarf, 
gloves and a hat to remove before trying it on.

Just to think of having to remove all of these to just
try one dress on, seemed totally unrealistic.

Gold tone bird necklace Forever 21
So without much further at do, I just looked at it and thought
"it fits", luckily it did.


Unknown said...

It's not about the dress fitting you its that you made that dress fit well! It looks fantastic.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Looks fabulous on you Lorena! I'm glad it worked.

Mica said...

That is a very cute dress (and necklace!) I'm glad that it fit you and you didn't need to try it on :)

Away From The Blue

LyddieGal said...

Glad it fits, and it looks so good!

I can totally relate... I hate shopping in the winter when it takes me like 20 minutes to reassemble my perfectly layered outfit again.
Chic on the Cheap