Not what you say

It's not about what you say.
It's about how you say it.

Printed skirt Jones New York - Lasercut orange top Zara - Yellow heels Tsubo
When the Caribbean market was within my territory I
 had to visit a lovely store in the Cayman Islands.

Jean Jacket Forever 21
Usually my visit was at the same time 
as another brand's representative.

The girls at the store would be terrified 
of her (I will keep the brand name to myself)
and all over the place, getting the store ready 
for her visit.
She always found something not to be enough,
there was always something wrong.
They told me she would shout and be very rude,
they were obliged to sell her brand but they did not like it.

I learned something from them and her, it was
that sure, we all need to get the job done -
but, I can tell you the exact same thing
by just adjusting the voice tone, body language,
and keeping it cordial. 


Mimi said...

Funny, its normally sales person doing the brown nosing...wild that they let her intimidate..
Love the skirt, and lucky you getting to wo visit exotic places for your job!

Aesthetic Lounge

Mica said...

I like the colouur combination in this look! That is a very cute skirt :)

I know what you mean with how you say things - they always say you get more flies with honey! ;)

Away From The Blue

Chezka Cenon Li said...

The paisley skirt is so pretty! I hate people who are mean to staff...just shows so much about them as a person :)

- Che

A Very Sweet Blog said...

So true! What a beautiful outfit Lorena! Love that skirt and jacket!

bashashhazbaz said...

very true indeed. interesting post. and you look lovely!