Russian Doll

Not long ago I dove into a Russian doll frenzy.

Blue jeans NYDJ - Red top Covington - Beige cardigan Forever 21 - Innovativi wedges - Bag Venezia 
All I wanted was to own garments, accessories with the
well known Matryoshka.

Forever 21 Matryoshka earrings

While I only came across earrings and bracelets with the
"nesting doll" (which of course I purchased).
Now I look at my babushkas and wonder what 
overcame me...


Closet Fashionista said...

Love that top on you, such a great color.
and wow, that's last minute for a wedding invite! o.O

Kim Alston said...

i have a blue set of russian dolls. sometimes one just gets caught up. lol