I am usually blunt, straight to the point.

Orange trousers Sculpture - White t shirt - Calvin Klein cardigan 
It's real, I mean what I say.

Grey flats Zara - Bag Venezia - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole
Sure, sometimes its nice when things are sugar coated for us.

But eventually the sugar falls off.


Jessica Cangiano said...

I think the secret is to be honest and forthright, but deliver all that you say with care and respect. If this is done, than nearly anything that's well phrased can be said, even if it's a harsh truth.

Love the vibrant, feel good hues in this great ensemble, dear Lorena. Orange + turquoise together is always a winner in my style books.

♥ Jessica

Kim Alston said...

LOL Lorena! You should always say how you feel. You would be less of a person not to. Plus I respect a person that speaks their mind. People might not always agree, but at least you make a stand. Love that orange and blue together. looks so good.

Mica T said...

I think it's better to speak your mind to be honest! That way there is less chance for misunderstanding :)

Love the blue and orange together in your outfit, that's such a nice colour combination! :)

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