Portable closet

As mentioned before, this time around
my suitcase, aka "portable closet" was all
about basics.

Basic garments and basic colors:
black, white, nude and grey.

In Brunnen
When I pack I usually do it around one outfit.
I will put together my main outfit head to toe
and then work the outfits for the next days
using garments from the "original" first outfit.
This time, my "main" outfit was the one above.

On Lake Lucerne
For me its a lot easier and that way
I use everything that I pack.
I don't leave any space for guessing
or creativity.

At Einsiedler
This time around, however if had to pack again, 
I'd probably pack half of what I took.


Closet Fashionista said...

That's definitely the way to go. I sometimes end up with too many pieces that I don't wear. Haha. I do plan my outfits and then I throw in some stuff 'just in case' ...

Mica said...

Ah I can't believe you'd pack even less next time! I was admiring how little you'd packed! I'm a chronic over packer.

I think having one main outfit and then the other ways being variations on a theme is actually a really clever way to pack! I might have to give that a go one day :)

Away From The Blue

A Very Sweet Blog said...

you are a pack-ologist! so good at it. looks like separate outfits. one would never guess.