August Closet Edits

Here we go, another month of closet edits:

My brown Drn Brn jacket, worn three times in this blog's life.
It's just tight and 3 times in 5 years means that I am not that into it.

My MNG Mango t shirt with braided necklace was purchased in July 2011
for 23.00 USD. Worn about 10 times, taking it to about 2.30 USD per wear.
I found a small hole in it the last time I wore it. 

My orange Uniform top, worn 3 times in 5 years.
I always had to tug on it because the shoulders kept slipping.
Off it goes.

Another orange item: my Calvin Klein bright sleeveless button down shirt.
Older than this blog, it was worn about 5 times in the last 5 years.
I am also letting go.

My black old mini skirt from Fashion Art USA is also in the give away bag.

My 1974 Bell Levi jeans remake.
They are tight, I am not feeling the wide bell bottoms.
Purchased in November 2009, these were worn about 10 times.

My last item is a dear one: my purple Kenneth Cole bag purchased 
in 2011 for 24.99 USD. I got a lot of wear out of it, over 60 wears.
However I suddenly stopped wearing it and left it in the closet and
the humidity got to it and it began to fall apart. The pvc on the handles
began to peel off and I felt to guilty for letting this happen :(

Another item was this white crocheted vintage collar.
It honestly did not look good on me, I wore it once or twice 
decided to sell it at the flea market.

Finally this colourful Michelle cardigan. I did not wear it much.

Last time I wore it I was not fully convinced and when I took 
it off I realised it had a tiny hole.
Just what I needed to convince myself to let it go.

That's 9 items this month.


Louise said...

I love that mango top! so cute. I'm like you, I go through my closet regularly and throw out pieces I haven't worn in a while - im ruthless! haha. Love you blog and now following you xx

Thrive on Novelty

Shybiker said...

The good thing about getting rid of old clothes is it opens space in our closets (and minds) for new stuff!

Kim Alston said...

I loved that 1st orange top! Ohhh well :(