Virginia Bazaar

A few years ago took a long drive 
with my mom to get to the 
Virginia Bazaar in Ladysmith, Va.

Elie Tahari cream blouse - Apt 9 brown blazer -
Gap jeans - Gold flats Nine West - Black bag Roberto Cavalli
I had wanted to go there for a while as it has a really 
good reputation offering an array of products.
I was particularly interested in their antiques and
vintage items. 

I was there for a coupe of hours and picked up two items.
Two big items, that I could not carry in my suitcase:
A turntable radio and a gossip table 
(where you'd sit and talk on the phone)
Not knowing how I would get them on the plane and 
bring them home, I still bought them.

They have finally arrived !
Took a few years but they are finally home.

Now, all I have to do, is find a place for them :)


Kim Alston said...

I'm glad they arrived. What treasures!

Jane Droll said...

how exciting! you are a patient woman!

and i love the jacket! the buttons are FANTASTIC!

Sheila said...

Ooh, how cool! I love your ring.