The vintage touch

I confess to love vintage.

I think it adds a very special touch to any outfit.

 It adds personality and uniqueness.

For these reasons, when possible I try to add a touch of vintage.

For example the first two rhinestone necklaces pictured, purchased via e-bay.
Or a man's Invicta watch, which belonged to my great uncle who was
President in the 1960's.

I also like vintage gold jewellery.
It's usually handcrafted which makes it more special.
Like this pawn shop bought pearl ring or the 
reliquary pendant where I keep a finger print close to my heart.

Of course I prefer when they are free ;)
like these gold earrings purchased in Venezuela 
probably mid 1960's, a gift from a great aunt.

Another special touch are of course: scarves.

They are always a fun vintage addition to any outfit:
casual or classic and can be worn on your head, 
around your waist, neck or wrist - or even layered.

Finally vintage bags.
These have the power to can transform your outfit.

These two also came from my great aunt's closet.
I can only imagine where these two have been in 
their previous lives...


Porcelina said...

Absolutely, vintage can indeed add that unique touch to any outfit! I love all of these items you have pictured, from the watch, to those fabulous bags. Keepsakes, from past eras, that mean something more than 'fast fashion' ever could. P x

Kim Alston said...

I think vintage is more meaningful. There's always a story behind the pieces.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I love that you add a touch of vintage to your modern, tailored outfits. And I tell you all the time that you have some of the prettiest, most unique jewelry I have ever seen. Loving those bags, too.