Speaking of Vintage

I love vintage.
Specially the materials, construction,
fabrics and the fact that the odds of
running into someone else wearing the same
garment are automatically eliminated.
During my recent stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina
I decided to do some extensive research on
vintage and second hand shopping.
I looked at maps, reviews, sites, fb pages and 
anything that allowed me to locate 
the best shops and then dedicated 
an entire day to them.

I cannot tell you how many stores I entered,
how many racks I went through, how many
hours I spent browsing the stores
While I honestly thought I would find better
items at better prices, I did not come home
empty handed.

Here's what the cat dragged into the closet:

Flower print vintage top from Le Paradise Vintage at 
Galeria 5ta. Avenida Talcahuano. No brand, could have been hand made.
Paid about 4.00 USD for it.

One of the stores with the best reviews was Vintage by Gustavo Carfi.
I have to say that this store was spotless, clothes were beautifully displayed,
ironed and well taken care of.
I was excited to see that Gustavo Carfi himself was there - 
the attention was amazing, this man knows his business !
I walked out of there with this vintage silk pink Chinese style top for
15.00 USD.

Another store that had a lot of reviews, some good, some bad, was 
Juan Perez located at M.T. Alvear 1355.
I was in there for hours, but just walked out with this flower print
top and jacket set for 16.00 USD. The top had no brand and
could be hand made.

My last stop before heading back to the hotel was the Buenos Aires flea 
market on Alvarez Thomas and Dorrego.
Here there was a lot of furniture I would have loved to buy
but there was no way I could take it back home.
So, as a consolation prize I spent 2.00 USD on a pair of wood clip on 
earrings and a plastic necklace…and called it a day.

Total spent: 37.00 USD


Jessica Cangiano said...

This post made my eyes light up like fireworks, dear Lorena! How resplendently awesome that you were able to visit an array of vintage stores during your recent travels. I love all of the pieces that you brought home, especially the mounded plastic bead necklace.

The pink Asian shirt is beautiful, too. I have a fairly similar one that I bought in Calgary last year - how neat that we each picked up one of these shirts in the same colour while traveling.

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Sheila said...

Well done, Lorena! All amazing finds, and I bet they will look amazing on you. I love those Asian style shirts.

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh!! You got such great pieces! :D And all at a great price

Kim Alston said...

Vintage clothing and accessories are like little treasures. You found some lovely items for your closet.