In December I shopped..

December shopping.
It's always terrifying what could happen while you 
shop for gifts and come across things for yourself.

This time around, knowing I had a last minute wedding to attend, 
I shopped for formal gowns. I could not make up my mind, 
so when I found three dresses that fit well and were fairly priced, 
I went for all three.
The one above is a good copy of the Marchesa bow dress from a 
few years ago, this one by JS Group cost 59.99 USD.

I also purchased this JS Boutique dress with pockets for 59.99 USD.
I was happy when I googled all of these dresses and these were being 
sold on line for double the price I paid.

A gunmetal colour gown from Betsy and Adam, on sale for 69.99 USD.
This is the first time ever I have been able to purchase a long
dress and wear it right off the rack without any alterations.

Wera Stockholm skirt, picked up at a thrift shop in Krakow 
for about 5.00 USD.

Finally a pair of blue Not Your Daughter's Jeans NYDJ for 12.99 USD.

Total for the month was 222.17 USD


Sheila said...

Love the long gowns! I'm also totally in love with that skirt - great pattern!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Wao, what lovely gowns Lorena! It isn't always easy to find elegant gowns that fit good, so I try to buy them when I see them. You never know when a wedding pops up and then you need something to wear. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!