Vintage Naf Naf

Today I chose to wear a long vintage skirt
which was a hand me down from my 80+ year old
great aunt.

White skirt Naf Naf - Black flats Presumida - Black sweater -
 Pearl necklace self made - Kate Spade bag
Whenever I wear anything from her closet it makes 
me wonder in what year she bought it.
Makes me think of what she paired it with
and I can actually imagine her wearing it
as she rode the NYC subway...

Even though I do like how this turned out and love that the fabric is linen, 
this will be the first and last time you see me wear it.

As it was quite tight at the waist.


Jenniya said...

Great look and I really love your bag. :-)

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Anne said...

How fab....have a great weekend!

Jane Droll said...

i LOVE it!!! and i love that necklace too.

right now almost all of my skirts and jeans are tight in the waist. some are more tight than others. it sure makes for an uncomfortable day when wearing such things!

Jane Droll said...

AND thank you so much for the tip about amsterdam! i was getting worried and thinking i might need to buy a bike so that i can get prepared for riding in amsterdam, but your comment made me realize i might NEVER be ready to ride the way they do!

Kim Alston said...

that skirt is timeless! looks great on you. love your shoes and necklace.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Too bad it doesn't fit, it's a nice piece. Love how you accessorized it.