Liz Claiborne

I cannot tell you how excited 
I was when I saw this perfume at Ross.
Liz Claiborne !!!
I mean seriously ? 
I wore this in college and was a favorite for many years.
When I opened it at home I realised that the
bottle was different, it was no longer the yellow plastic triangle.

So i tried it on, with the illusion of the teenager who
meets a boyfriend.... 
The illusion disappeared after the first spray.
It smells like someone bottled the smell of death.
It was awful...


Jane Droll said...


the other day my co-worker asked me if i remembered the scent jovan musk. yes. awful! and i bet it is worse than i remembered.

when i was a kid jean nate (sp?) and love's baby soft were so popular. they both stank then, and i am sure they stink even worse now!

Kim Alston said...

i remember that perfume bottle! hahaha i never did like the scent.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! :( How sad. I remember the bottle, but I don't remember the scent.

Did it go bad, or was it just not like you remembered?