Where east meets west...

After work you have to have some fun.

Gap jeans - Forever 21 flower top - H&M White cardigan - H&M flats
So I figured Constantinople was the way to go.

If you like history like me, you'll know that where east meets west and Constantinople only mean one thing: Istanbul.

The city did not disappoint -

Grand Bazaar

The weather was perfect, the food was fresh and amazing.

Spices at the Grand Bazaar
The people were extremely nice, 
there are sooo many places to visit, wonderful things to see, 
shopping is interesting as there is a lot to buy but you have to haggle.
I can't haggle, period.

Blue Mosque
Regardless of the haggling...
I truly loved every minute of it !


A Very Sweet Blog said...

i enjoyed every minute of this post! it's so beautiful there. love your top & flats. they're so cute!

Mica said...

That last photo is beautiful! Such nice pictures of your trip :)

Really like your floral top too.

Londyn said...

WOW! So beautiful - you and the scenery! :) Adoreable little flats btw. Want to steal them..!

ana said...

Aaaaah que padre! quiero ir a Turquía! tu lindísima para turistear y siiii hay que visitar el lugar donde el Este y el Oeste se unen!!!

LyddieGal said...

Sounds amazing. and i can not haggle at all. I hate it!
Chic on the Cheap

Witchcrafted Life said...

Adore your vibrant, beautiful top - very much including how it matches the rainbow of hues to be found in the bazaar.

♥ Jessica