Sheila mail

I got mail !

Mail from Sheila in Canada !

Not only was I super hyped to receive this, but when I opened it...
it was the Zara top I had been complimenting on Sheila for years.
Literally years.

As you see the compliments paid off !

And this is how I wore it to work: knotted with a cardigan.
Later on: loose and without a cardi for drinks with friends.

The fabric is super soft and the colors are gorgeous.

Here is how Sheila wore it when this beauty was
part of her wardrobe:

Thank you Sheila !
I feel so spoiled :)


Lisa said...

Lorena, that top looks fabulous on you! It looks like its made to wear with your jeans. Love it!

Sheila said...

It looks awesome on you - I always loved the soft silk of it.

Note: would you mind blurring out my last name, please? I don't like that on the internet.

Glad you like it, Lorena! :)

Be Fashion Be Glamour By Nushka said...


Anne said...

Gorgeous:) Love how you styled it both ways!

Witchcrafted Life said...

How wonderfully lovely! It's so cool that you received mail from Canada - I couldn't help but smile over that (who knows, perhaps one day I'll get the chance to send you something from this neck of the woods, too). This top looks amazing on you - I can totally see why you'd been smitten with it for so long.

♥ Jessica

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That was so sweet of her! It looks lovely on both of you! Fabulous styling!

LyddieGal said...

what an awesome surprise to get - and what a unique top!

Mica said...

Oh what a lovely gift! The top looks great on you - I like how different it looks knotted and unknotted :)

Sheila has such a nice blog!

Kristen said...

Oh, that is a PERFECT swap for you guys. I absolutely LOVE it on you!!

Delane said...

tres chic