Work and weekend wear

I have friends who separate their clothes in their closets according to
the activities they perform while wearing the clothes.
Well I just think that is very limiting - don't you ?

Black  bottoms Volar - Mostaza shirt -
Michael Kors black flats - Tommy Hilfiger fuchsia bag  
If I followed that rule then, I would not wear this top to go to the 
supermarket like I did this weekend - because on Monday I 
wore it tucked in to go to work.

How about you ?

Are your clothes categorized by activities ?

If, not by activity, how is it organized ?

Tell me the truth, is it even organized ?


Unknown said...

Mine is organized by colors, and it works!
Kisses :)

Chronically Vintage said...

My closet is super organized, but not by activity (I agree, that would be way too limiting). I sort all my garments by categories (skirts, dresses, cardigans, knits, blouses, etc) and then by colour within each category (so that when you look at my closet, it's a bit like look at several back-to-back rainbows :) ).

Have a wonderful Tuesday, dear gal!
♥ Jessica

SewOm said...

Mine is not organized! I'm happy when I get everything in the closet or in the bureau, instead of piled high on top of the dresser. LOL!!! It does happen, every so often, but it doesn't last.

drollgirl said...

love the looks!!!

this will sound crazy, but i rotate my summer/spring clothes and my fall/winter clothes. i have a lot of clothes and closets that aren't very big! so i rotate my "stock" when the weather changes!

and i try to keep the clothes organized by colors, but that doesn't always stay in place!

Mica said...

Love the top worn casually and formally for the office too! :)

I confess that my wardrobes are not very organised at the moment - but I have one for casual weekend wear, one for workwear and a clothes rack for long dresses and jackets. Sometimes I wear casual stuff to the office, but rarely do I wear office wear on the weekends, if that makes sense? haha. If I class it as casual I might wear it to work as well as weekend wear, but if I class it as office wear I really only wear it to work.

Jenava said...

Mine is just separated by type. I have capsules planned that help me know what to reach for, so I don't have to organize my physical closet too much, but I can still pull together an outfit easily.