Shake it

Sorry so blurry.
GAP jeans - Da Moda striped shirt - Zara silver flats - Tommy Hilfiger bag
Maybe it has to do with the fact that in order to take my pictures
I place my camera on a balcony and that the wind shakes it.

So, shake it.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

and doesn't it seem, like the really good pictures always come out in a blur. hahaha you look cute lorena.

Chronically Vintage said...

Sometimes out of focus pictures bring their own certain charm to whatever you're trying to capture. I feel such was the case here. Blurry or not, the snaps are lovely and so is your terrific outfit.

♥ Jessica

Kristen said...

Ha, maybe it is time to consider a tripod. Although if it is windy, it would probably shake too. Never mind! :)

charmeuse said...

nice pictures ;)

Mica said...

Love the bright pink bag with this outfit :)