February Shopping

I forgot to mention that I have established a shopping budget for 2013.
Something I have never done -
With that in mind, here's what February shopping looked like:

A black trench from GAP on sale !

I had been hunting this trench down so 54.00 USD seemed reasonable.
To that amount I must add the tailoring.
I have very short arms and I need to get it to fit perfectly
otherwise I will look frumpy.

Another purchase was a pair of gold toned hoop earrings for 3.99 USD,
which I also needed as my previous pair lost color.

I needed a pair of gold tone studs and these get the job done for 2.49 USD

Then I walked into Zara, there was a sale -

Here I picked up a military green cardigan for 15.99 USD

Also following the military camo trend, a stretch belt for 9.99 USD

Also from Zara a pair of printed pajama like trousers for 39.99 USD.

Later on I picked up a basic white t shirt from Jones New York Sport
for 3.99 USD to replace one that got peed on by my new dog-
don't ask, I refuse to comment.

Then something amazing happened.
I found a Desigual skirt for 14.99 USD

I have coveted something, anything ! from this brand 
but whenever I entered the stores I found items were a bit

So this find made me happy.

Then a black button down Da Moda for 10.99 USD.
While the buttons look cheap, I really liked the shirt.
I will most likely be replacing them.
A pair of Levis shorts for 9.99 USD also found its way into my closet.
I usually don´t purchase short shorts but I liked these.

Finally a Nine West suit, also on sale for 14.99 USD,
white skirt and black jacket.
My February purchases total 194.10 USD


Franca said...

the desigual skirt! lucky you!

Mica said...

You know the best places to shop, you have such great bargains! :)

Cool Vanity said...

It´s amazing because I bought the same pants from Zara and it cost me 9,95 eur. bsinos.

Kristen said...

You sure do find some good deals!
I haven't started tracking my actual $$ spent; that will be phase 2 of my monthly tracking. :)