February editing

As I continue to edit my closet, I realize that there are so many 
things in drawers, that I tend to forget they exist.
This month, as usual, I wore all the below listed -
with a few exceptions that did not make it out the front door ;)
Wood bead bracelet, rarely worn.

Black patent belt, broken.

Beige flats by Zapatinho de Luxo, scuffed and then some.

Nine West grey and black peep toe flats.
I passed them on to a co worker after I realized
that I have worn them only 5 or 6 times in the 
last 4 years - plus they hurt my heel.

Bass black sandals.
I bought these at least 3 or 4 years ago and 
wore them about 10 times.
They are probably the most comfortable shoe I own.
Unfortunately for me, they began to fall apart - 

Two pairs of Zip sandals, one in tan and the other in red also left.
I never wore them, the red were new - so I let them go.

Also in the bag is a fuchsia Fantazia top, worn about 5 times in 
4 years, color had faded, it was a bit tight in the chest area and
the button kept popping open.

This white v neck t shirt, purchased mid 2011 had a short life in my closet.
It was worn only 3 times = cost per wear 1.78 USD
Since it was tight, it was only worn three times and as a layering piece.
It got peed on - soaked - so, I just don't want to have it around anymore.

Da Moda silver striped button down shirt.
I know that stripes are soo in this season, but
if I have worn it only twice in 4 years, what makes me 
think I will get more wear out of it ?

Zara Trf top.
I got sooo many compliments when I wore this top.
Happens there is a hole in it.

Then comes my black Da Moda suit. It use to be my power suit.
But things change :)
Worn in the blog 3 times in almost 4 years, it got a lot of wear 
in the past, which is the reason it got "shiny" due to constant ironing.
(yes, i know the label below said "no ironing" - I just saw it!)
I purchased another black suit, in a different style, that
should jump into action in case a black suit is needed.

Also finally leaving is my Natural Exchange printed pant set.
I devoted one post to it a few days ago and am happy
to see it depart.

My jeans were also examined these past few weeks.
At least some of them.
I realized that I held on to some of them, like the below
7 For All Mankind jeans - just for the brand.
The wide legged jeans looked bad on me, period. 

I also let go of a pair of jogging pants from Provocative.
Because they are 100% polyester, they are too hot to 
wear and the fit is quite clownish.
Purchased mid 2011, worn twice - total cost per wear was 3.73 USD.

My last item is a fuchsia handpainted skirt by Madrid.
I don´t wear it - that is just the truth.

Not bad for February: 19 items gone.

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Kristen said...

Wow, you did some big cleaning out! 19 is a quite a lot.

Someone recommended a cleaning out of the makeup drawer. I might tackle that this month.