My first 2013 closet edit

This year's edits have begun.
It all started with my Off Shore white button down ruffly shirt.
It was crisp white and has been worn on the blog X times.
And here come the "buts": 
It's see through.
When I am chubbier like now the button seems like it will pop.
But even though I am fuller, the cap sleeves are big.
This means that the fit is not good.
Also small specks of something (mold?) appeared in ruffle part.
That being said, this shirt is gone.

Here's how it had been worn before:



Next item leaving: Black sleeveless cardigan by Toxic.
The extremely long open front lapels did not work for me,
however it took me sometime to acknowledge it.
Sometimes that happens, you have a great item, it's
just not a great item on you - and this is a good example.

Worn 5 times in almost 4 years.
This is how I think I wore it best, with the long sides
tucked in under the belt:


Here are other attempts gone sour:

13 may 2010                                28 may 2010

17 may 2010                                   12 april 2010

27 Dec 2012

Another one that left is my Forever 21 top, been around for
4 years worn around 8 times - surprisingly made in  the USA.
It just wasn't working for me, I dedicated an entire
post to it here.

This time I also went through my accessories and 
also edited my bracelets and cuffs.

These left:

Argentina cuff - it was purchased for a game
and I realized I'll probably never wear it again.

Wood cuff
It was a gift, worn once or twice.
I just never wear it.

Asian like cord coin bracelet,
I bought this ages ago and it got a lot of wear.
The cord faded so
I stopped wearing it.

Green jade like bracelet 
Has also been around for a while,
and use to be worn frequently
but I no longer wear it.

Butterfly bracelets: 2 of them, I have maybe worn them once or twice in 4 years, so off they go.

Just 9 edits for this first month of 2013,
how are your closet edits coming along ?


Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Hi Lorena. I love when you do your closet edits. I may have kept most of the bracelets, though.

Sorry I have been MIA but I did read and caught up with all the posts from the past 3 weeks. Also, I plan on running your Guest Post sometime this week. I am thinking Thursday. =) I will let you know.

Check Out my Week's Best Looks from yesterday because I have featured you. =)

Franca said...

I am posting about my edit on wednesday!

Mica said...

Ugh I so need to work on cleaning out my wardrobe! I made a bit of a start after Christmas and got a bag going but haven't made any further progress

A Very Sweet Blog said...

and it was such a cute ruffled top! darn it!

Kristen said...

I recognize both of those pieces! White shirts are great, but they don't last forever. You got some nice looks out of yours!