Nothing makes me happier than reconnecting.
Specially reconnecting with old friends.

Salt works jeans - Fuchsia top Fantazia - Payless wedges - Michael Kors black bag - textile necklace

I was able to reconnect with a good friend's brother recently.
My friend was the one who when I had a test that was number
related, would sit down with me for hours and study.
He would also go with us to parties and was the most amazing
friend you can think of.

We changed addresses, went to college and even then we still kept in touch.
But then, we stopped, nothing happened - we just drifted apart.
It's been almost 10 years since I have spoken or seen him
and seeing his brother made me want to keep that friendship alive.
I know that he is not in a good situation which makes me
want to reach out to him even more.
The question is how... as he had the opportunity
to see my other friends and I and he decided not to go.

How would you reconnect after so long ?


drollgirl said...

you look fab! and your dogs are SO CUTE!!!!

reconnecting with friends from the past. sometimes it isn't easy. i have many friends from the past that i have let go. after many years pass, it is even harder to reconnect. the excuses mount -- one is too busy, one doesn't look as good as they used to, one isn't sure what they would still have in common with the other(s), one doesn't want to admit to failures of the past, etc. i know all of these excuses, and i am guilty of them!

you could try reaching out to him one time. if he does not want to meet, i would let it go.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps patience is the key to coaxing this old friend out of his shell. I know that my high school reunion is coming up and I do NOT want to go...

Mica said...

Aww your dogs are so cute in this set of photos! They just want to go off and play :)

It's hard meeting up with old friends - maybe he is unsure of why you drifted apart, maybe reaching out and invitation through his brother would help?

Kristen said...

Hello, Vanilla and Marshmallow! I have missed seeing them. :)

I love reconnecting, but you have to go at the pace that everyone is comfortable with. Maybe he isn't ready yet. Stay in touch with his brother and give him time to respond. Good luck!

Elegance Personified said...

People grow apart and we all have to learn to accept them and live without them even if it hurts, or if we really loved them and now miss them. =)

Your hot pink top, weges and once again that necklace = Gorgeous!!