Report card time

Were you a good student back in school ?
I was an average student.
Education can make such a difference, I am certain
that if you just look around you can see an example.
Maybe you are an example.

INC orange jumper - Forever 21 - Beige flats Zapatinho de Luxo - Arena Milano grey bag 

Back in July I decided I would help out some girls who were
not that committed to getting good grades - full post here.
The idea is to encourage these 3 girls, so they can get better grades
as they are flunking some classes and mostly have a C average.
So, report cards came in.

I was a little disappointed.
The eldest did not do so well, in fact if she doesn't get her act together
she will probably not pass on to the next grade.
Eimy, who is in sixth grade is failing one class and the little one
well, all of her grades went up. ALL OF THEM.
So, I want to think that maybe I was able to make a small difference.

Even though the only girl that did deserve a "prize" 
was the little one, I took all of them out on Saturday morning.
I did not think it was fair but I had somehow 
promised them this outing, however I did make very
clear that if anyone had a grade lower than a C, well
next time they could not come. 
This time around we went to the park, had breakfast,
went to the swimming pool, then to the old part of the city and
finally for ice cream.

I am encouraging for them to make an extra
effort to get their grades up ... we´ll just have to 
wait and see that next report card.


ana said...

I was a good student... that's so nice of you to help this girls improve their grades!
your jumpsuit is so pretty ;)

Megan Mae said...

That's so sweet of you to give inspiration to those girls.

I was always a work-a-holic as a student, and still am. I feel like I let myself down if I don't manage to at least pull B's.

Alleycat said...

I love this!! You ARE making a difference & they will always remember you for this, I am sure.

PS - I was dressed to go to Texaco, work & then chauffer my kids about town. Though I must admit, I never thought leggings could be so comfortable and efficient for every day wear. Guess I am learning from fashion blogs such as yours :) !

Melanie said...

I commend you and admire you for being an inspiration and a role model for these sweet girls. I agree with Alleycat - they will never forget this.

drollgirl said...

wah! you are such a good mentor, and i applaud your efforts wholeheartedly. some kids just need an extra push, and some extra support and guidance.

and i LOVE your orange jumper! it is so flattering! so cute!