Or at least I thought I was.
I was dressed and ready to take my pictures before
running out the door to go to work.

Levi's Jeans - Merona pink cowl neck - Qupid grey wedges

So I take a picture without a jacket and then 
this happened:

It looked awful !
( i was smiling because i thought it looked good)
SO, I went back to the closet....

I did not have time to start the whole thing over 
so I just went back and forth for different jackets, cardis, blazers....

Nothing looked good.
I started taking one picture with each item and then when I looked
I realized I began not liking the shoes either.
Then I didn't like the jeans, then the pink cowl neck.
I wasn't "ready".
By then I did not have enough time to do anything else, 
so, I just grabbed another jacket.

I still don't like it.
I don't know what it was... maybe it was the bag ?!

Whatever it was, I am just happy it is Friday.


ana said...

Creo que se ve mejor sin nada encima... proque la blusa es bella bella pero sip la última opción fue la mejor ;)
así me pasa a mi también cuando ya tengo que irme a trabajar termina por no convencerme mi look jaja y regreso a cambiarme 5 veces!

Kathya Stryzak said...

Buen diaaaa!!la camisa rosa es perfecta..estas divina!! besos lore

Patti said...

Funny! You are living my life. My husband doesn't understand why I need so much time to get out the door. You look just great, by the way!

Little Diva said...

Hi Lorena! I actually liked your first option of the grey jacket a lot. I thought it looked feminine the pairing of the soft pink with the grey jacket and jeans on the bottom. But my favorite of them all was the Hot Pink jacket on top of the soft pink shirt. I like the style of the jacket and the way the two pinks look together.

I know how you feel about not being happy with your outfit though. I've been trying to make my outfits in advance now in order to avoid the indecisionness (is that a word?) of the mornings.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Melanie said...

I liked the end result. Love navy and pink together. I didn't think your first choice looked bad, though.

P.S. Thanks for all of your encouragement. You're a doll!

drollgirl said...

you made it work!

i went through 4 pairs of shoes with my outfit today, as i really didn't want to wear tall wedges. but they are the ones that looked the best, so guess which ones i am wearing? lol.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Before I went out last night I changed my entire outfit including shoes.

Pralinka said...

I dont know why you dont like these outfits, they're very pretty!

BTW, I’m your big fan – your style is really original and I read your blog very often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥


Judy C said...

I think that last jacket looks great. But, some days it doesn't matter what you wear. It just doesn't feel right.

LyddieGal said...

I think we all have mornings (and outfits) like that! I do really like how the turquoise card looks though!

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