Cosmetically intoxicated

This has been in my mind for sometime.
According to the below, I am totally cosmetically intoxicated.
According to IN STYLE's March 2011 issue, well most make ups, 
creams and perfumes last from 3 months to maximum two years.
Hahaha, well my nails should have fallen out by now as many of my polishes
have been around, well for quite a long time. 
For example, I had a nail polish named Vixen from Revlon which I tossed about a year or so ago and wore it to the last drop and it was purchased about 10 years ago. That's 9 years more than the expected 1 year life span !

Don't even get me started with mascara.
I use it until there is nothing left on the brush and even though I apply the product every day, well the one I am currently using has been around since the beginning of the year. That's six months of constant use. It does not smell bad, it works and I have yet to catch an eye infection. Why then, should I toss it ?

For creams, I open them and also wear them to the last drop.
I must admit I have had some smell weird and tossed them out immediately.

I am feeling like the health department is about to knock on my door
for using expired products - according to above standards

So, how about you ?
What are your rules ?


LyddieGal said...

Typically I just use it until it's gone, or if it's been there for like 3 years and I haven't used it... might as well toss it.

I have perfume from like 12 years ago I sill use. Nail polishes... well most of the colors I liked in High School I'm not too into anymore. (lots of glitter. TONS)

Chic on the Cheap

Shybiker said...

My rules? Replace my motorcycle boots every year; my motorcycle helmet every three years; my motorcycle jacket every ten years. And use my nail-polish until it runs out. (Are you sorry you asked?!)

Sarah said...

I use things until they are finished or start to go bad. If nail polish seperates or gets hard, I toss it. If mascara clumps inside the tube, I toss it. I will say that I follow the sunscreen rule above, but that is about it.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love the outfit! I try to follow the rules on the list, except with mascara and nail polish. Three months isn't very long, especially when you buy a pricier bottle.


Bombshellicious said...

Nail varnish goes when it gets too gloopy and adding stuff wont thin it out lol. Mascara basically til it runs out or goes too hard. Face creams til they are finished and smellies til I have used them up xx

Kristen said...

I use cosmetics until they start to look funky, or if I haven't used them in years and I think they are probably sketchy.

Mascara I replace every 3-6 months. Too much bacteria that close to my eye, and most of the time it's starting to clump and look bad on my lashes anyway.

Sheila said...

I have nail polish that is over 10 years old. It seems fine and it goes on fine, so why not keep it? It's not like it's going to hurt me - nails don't absorb it.