Closet edits of July

It seems like every month I buy more and don't take the 
time to get rid of the unwanted.
This month was no exception: 

I said goodbye to my Marc Jacobs wanna be bag purchased in April 2009.

Also said bye to my yellow Isaac Mizrahi for Target top.
I always needed a special bra to wear it with and there
was small tear.

Then there was this pearl and gold tone vintage

Black patent wedges from Nine West.
I love the shoes but they are scuffed and in some areas the patent rubbed off.
I filled it in with black marker, but if I can see it, anyone else can. 

So, I am just letting go. Painfully letting go.

Sooki design pants that I have to mail on to Jill at Spoils of Wear !

As you see, I did not get rid of many things.
I strive to do a big - BIG - closet raid before the year ends
so, I say...


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I think it is always worth letting things go to make more room for new things in your life.

Judy C said...

Every little bit helps. I plan to do the same with a huge room full of stuff that I haven't touched in a long time. A large garbage bag of stuff a week either to thrift store or to the dump. It should look better by January.

LyddieGal said...

I pretty consistently buy way more than i get rid of -- but i'm always so fearful of letting go of something I'll want later...

Of course any clothing requiring a special bra I (think) I've finally learned to stop buying.

Chic on the Cheap

Megan Mae said...

It's probably too late, but next time, why not see if a cobbler could repair shoes? Especially if you really like them. You never know the miracles they can do, and if the cost of repair is less than a new pair of shoes, it's worth it.

But sometimes it is time to let go of things.