Periwinkle or Vincas...

I feel   felt like a total moron.
Here I am so proud of having a few flowers growing in my balcony 
and now I realize I do not even know their names.  until now I know the name.
(Thank you Anonymous!)

DKNY black jeans - Nine West loafers - MNG t shirt & necklace - Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote

Well, these are my flowers and they bloom all year.
I know their common name in spanish but not the actual name, 
do you know by any chance ? and now know they are called
periwinkles or vincas !

Anyways, today we had to do some outdoors "site seeing" which 
is the reason I am in jeans and a hat.

Vanilla jumped in at the photo op - she was happy and giving you her 
best angle.

Me, well -  I just cannot wait until it's finally friday.
Yes, it's one of THOSE weeks.


Anonymous said...

Your flowers are Vinca or commonly called Periwinkles.

Megan Mae said...

Great rope necklace. I love your hat too. How cute for a puppy photo-bomb. Does she have a little bow in her hair? Congrats for getting things to grow. Much of our garden is already turning brown due to the heat wave we had for the past couple of weeks.

ana said...

Esa es la vista de tu balcón???!!!! wow! lore que bárbara que vista! y te ves guapísima en estas fotos con el collar y el sombrero! un 10!

drollgirl said...

lorena! you look so fab! the hat makes it! this is one of my favorite outfits on you!

lucky you with the site seeing today! i will be doing the same starting tomorrow, as long as i do not perish in the plane. LOL!

Delane said...

you look great in hats!

Kristen said...

I love that necklace! And there are no other bloggers that wear a hat as well as you.

LyddieGal said...

I love your braided necklace - and the hat! Glad you found out the name of your flowers.

Chic on the Cheap

LaToya said...

Beautiful flowers! Such a great color! Thanks for the drop by my blog. Your comments always make smile. My dress is from Charlotte Russe btw. I purchased it like a week ago so you should be able to find one! :) Hugs!

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

Love your necklace! beautiful flowers :) they are such a gorgeous colour :)

Love, Vanilla

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love Vanilla! She is beautiful. And so is your necklace!


Jenava said...

The necklace really bumps this look up a notch! I love the jeans; they look nice and dressy. Your flower are gorgeous!