Product Review Part 2: Urban Expressions Handbag

Once upon a time
I ordered a gorgeous bag from a site called
My bag arrived and it was gorgeous, all I wished for.
I wore it about 15 times and then put it away.
When I pulled it out to wear it once more I realized that
it seemed to be deteriorating rather quickly....
At the time I wrote a product review
Then I put it away only to come back a few weeks later 
to this:

There is no good way to say it, it just FELL APART !
The pleather began to fall off, peel off, rubbed off on everything.
Then the closure just stuck together and when I finally got it open
the material just kept coming off.
I contacted Urban Expressions and they told me to contact the retailer.
So I went back to where they told me that their
guarantee was for a year. Period.
So I went back to Urban Expressions.
They answered my email, I sent them the above pictures
and after a few emails they said they would send me another
bag as a replacement as they no longer had the one I originally purchased.

So they sent me this ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS BAG 
in the same color (the color I wanted) of the ruined bag and
have been wearing it ever since (I got it almost a month ago).

However, the zipper to my new
fabulous recently replaced Urban Expressions bag
b r o k e.

I am just awed.
Could it be I have bad luck with the brand ?

Just this morning I emailed the picture to the same girl who 
helped me last time. 
I don't even know what to ask for ?!

What would you ask for ?


Meli22 said...

that's terrible! I guess, ask for 1 more try. I usually go by '3rd strike and they're out'- if the next bag doesn't go well, throw it out and never buy a bag from them again!

Emma said...

OH Dear! This is terrible! I would ask for my money back if possible. If not possible I would ask for another bag and just be super careful with it.