My 10 year old

My ten year old jeans.
I am wearing my 10 year old jeans !
I recall that over the years there have been times
when I have not been able to pull them up and
other times (the least) where I had to belt them because
they were huge on me....

Tommy Hilfiger jeans - Bella orange top - Exclusive! jean flats - Liz Claiborne tote -
Beaded necklace from an Indian province - Panama Hat

It's amazing how I can remember the most
unnecessary things, like the fact that I got these jeans about 10 years ago
on a trip to Virginia in a Marshall's store for about 20 bucks.
However I could not remember important issues in a meeting this morning.
Talk about selective memory.

Happy Friday !


Kathya Stryzak said...

Lore!! ame las chatitas..quiero una asi!! beijos


Me encantan las bailarinas!!!


Emma said...

I LOVE this colorful ensemble! Those shoes are Amazing! I remember things like that too lol. I wore 10 year old jeans the other day : )

ana said...

que bonitos zapatos!!!
feliz viernes

Taylor said...

I couldn't fit one leg into jeans I wore when I was 21.

A Marshall's in Virginia? Ha! You were up my way!