Closet edits: May 2011

I have not had much time to do any closet editing.
However, 3 items did leave:

What: MNG Mango jeans        What: Exclusive! hole top
Why: For the obvious reasons....    Why: I never wear it and when I do I
                                        feel uncomfortable.

What: Black dress
Why: Too low cut, fabric is too thin, 
has tiny holes in the area where the label use to be and
I used it for a DIY project and added studs and these fell off.

Have you done any closet editing lately ?


LyddieGal said...

Good edits - good riddance to clothes that aren't working!

I've been trying to get more stuff out... it's a hard task to undertake, and i love that you try to force some out each and every month.

Chic on the Cheap

Taylor said...

Now, I can't imagine why you'd throw out those jeans... haaa.

I need to be more dilligent with doing this. I purge a lot - but not enough as I still run out of hangers quite often!

Anonymous said...

I have a few things I need to put in a bag and send off one of these days. Your closet edit posts always remind me I need to actually get around to doing it.

Meli22 said...

I need to start doing this agian. Part of my bargain with myself was to edit my closet much harder this year. While I have gotten rid of a lot of things since October, I still have more things that probably need to go!