Headache Thursday

I have had a headache since early this morning.
I hope it will go away.

Talbot jeans · Charter club top · Kenneth Cole flats (you can't see them!) 
Today I am doing errands and probably some shopping.

I do not like what I am wearing, it just feels 
like something I would have worn in the 90's.

Silver Tous accessories

I give it a 6.
From 1 (worst) to 10 (best), how do you rate it ?


Biba said...

I give it an 8 - I'd probably belt it and add a few turquoise bracelets! Looks lovely, though.

KATHY said...

Hermosa camisa lorena..bien colorida!! besosssss

Iris said...

I agree probably an 8, it seems like a really great comfy outfit for running errands.