DIY: Cleaning Patent

On Thursday I wore a dress that I suspect is vintage.
The metal zipper told me so (or so I say).
The dress came with a white patent belt marked 14 Del Rio Belt.
It was filthy dirty.
I cleaned it with a damp cloth and dried it,
it was still yellow looking.
Since it is patent I stopped to think:
"Ok, I know how to clean patent.
I have been cleaning patent and patent leather 
shoes, belts, head bands, bags this way for years"
And let me add that I have not ruined 
any of them !

How do you do it ?
Answer is : nail polish remover and cotton.
This will remove scuffs from shoes and bags,
this will maintain the gloss that patent has.

Here is a before and after picture of the belt....



Can you see the difference ?

How do you clean patent and patent leather items ?

Have you tried this before ?


Jan said...

Oh thankyou for this tip Jan xx

jamie-lee said...

great tip - never heard of doing this before! x

LyddieGal said...

that looks great!
i've never cleaned my patent - i'll have to try it!

(does it work on fake plastic patent too?)

Sheila said...

I'm going to try that! The belt looks great!

I'd say that is definitely patent (size 14 is NOT what you wear - those are pre-80s sizing).