Sunday Outdoors

Sunday was also a beautiful day to be outside.
There was some rain but not enough to keep me indoors.
We went to a restaurant that had the biggest yard ever !
It was about 35 minutes away from the city, but totally worth the drive. 
There were all types of flowers everywhere! 
I had not originally planned to go anywhere so I went out wearing 
what I was going to wear on a Sunday at home...

Check out these "ginger" flowers growing in the wild ...

I enjoyed so much all the green that my eyes were able to capture.
As I get older, I appreciate the smallest things the most.

Finally white and lavender thumbergias, I bought some to plant at home !
Hopefully they will grow and blossom like these.


KATHY said...

ahhhh q lindo sombrero Lore..las flores son una belleza....besos linda

Anonymous said...

aahh love da hat!!

for Sundays I'm always with my t-shirt :)

Bombshellicious said...

Love the outfit and the pictures xx

LyddieGal said...

This is so cute, I love the hat!
Glad you had some decent weather and were able to get outdoors!