How to wear a polo shirt to work

I have quite a few polo shirts in my closet.
I don't wear them that much.
Last week I was reading Marie at the Joy of Fashion.
(If you want fun color combinations and positive energy 
in every post, it's the place to go!)
I particularly stopped at this post.
Where she, in my opinion, makes polos 
perfectly work appropriate.
So, inspired by Marie, this week I
am attempting to wear polos to work AND
making them acceptable.

You are welcome to join !

A flower Tracy Evans print skirt brought the turquoise polo shirt (Lacoste) 
with the purple cardigan (Jennifer) together.

I feel so comfortable wearing this !
I am loving all the color and most of all I am wearing my polo, 
which was my original goal.

Accessories: Tous earring and pendant + Avon's breast cancer awareness pin
which I have been wearing since the month of October began.

 My skirt totally reminded me of these flowers I saw yesterday.
Anyways, if you would like to join the "Wearing a Polo to Work" Series, 
drop me a line so I can link you!


Dr. Da said...

That skirt is fantastic! I think styling it with the polo shirt and cardigan really works. It is bright and fresh.

Shybiker said...

Beautiful color-combination.

I learned from another blogger (Sheila at Ephemera) that flowers are great inspiration and it's interesting that you discovered that, too. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of polo shirts, but I'm loving the polo + cardigan look! The colours look great together too. Very pretty outfit indeed!

drollgirl said...

i never would have thought to do this! you have done it perfectly!

i have one lone polo in my entire wardrobe. it is a bright pink. i have worn it twice, but i just can't seem to get rid of it! now i have a new way to try and wear it, thanks to you!

Frances Joy said...

Beautiful! I love the colors. I only own one polo, otherwise I'd join you.

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Hi! I'm a new reader.

I also like the skirt and I need to start getting some use out of my polo shirts too. They've been in hibernation forever!


Anonymous said...

nice colors!
i love how you dressed up for work. its easy n chic.

ana said...

wow lorena! muy buena propuesta con lo cómodas que son! ahora llevarlas a la oficina pues mucho mejor ;)
te ves preciosa y tu falda esta super bonita!