Today is Tuesday

Yes, in case you have not noticed it's Tuesday.
I started to cut down on my food intake (a.k.a. diet) yesterday, 
so day two seems like forever.
My pants are tight, my jeans do not fit and as much as 
I may enjoy shopping it is not in my plans to build a new 
wardrobe with my new weight.
Grey skirt Casual · Blue top Mossimo · Silver tone belt vintage · Red patent bag Nicole Lee · Black and grey patent shoes 

I want to add some exercise to the plan, let's see how it works.


Meli22 said...

totally understand the diet, though you look great :) I go up and down often (but not by a lot of lbs), and when I go too far up, I always end up watching what I eat because buying all new pants is not logical lol!

Love this outfit!!! This is the kind of outfit I wish I could wear all the time- maybe I will figure out a way to re-create it. :)

KATHY said...

Hola Lore!! me gusto la combinacion azul y gris..divino se quedo el outfit! besos

Delane said...

first couple days are the worst!!!

Frances Joy said...

Uy, I'm doing a little diet, too, with the work out plan.... I feel your pain.

Loving all these pretty pleats!

nurmisur said...

The first days seem to last forever but you'll see the results pretty soon.

LyddieGal said...

Diets are tough, but You've got good motivation. I hope you are able to stick with it!

I love that blouse, and the statement necklace is so pretty!

Chic on the Cheap

Brittany D'Lynne said...

That necklace is so pretty!

I've been working out pretty hard for the last few months, and its finally starting to show. Its so rewarding when you go buy that first item in the next smaller size! :)

Iris said...

That necklace is beautiful, I'm sure I've said it before!