For Hillary

I have been meaning to do this for sometime.
But, I have not.
SO, it seemed like a good idea, 
after reading Hillary's birthday wish post.

The idea is to show show what I carry with me.
I emptied my purse on the sofa as I was going to change
the contents to another bag.
Anyways, here it is:
Some things make sense, others don't.
For example I carry a calculator with me as I travel and sometimes
need to get exchange rates. 
I could use the calculator in the Blackberry, but I rather not.
Three pens .... and I can never find one.
The knitting needle is another story. I use to knit in traffic and for some
reason the needle has stayed around.
My cosmetics bag is falling apart, I have others but they are too big.
It usually carries one lipgloss and one face powder. That's it.

I have to admit however that my sunglasses are missing, 
probably left them in the dresser- they are usually in my bag.
I also throw in snacks sometimes...

SO, there is it...

Happy Birthday Hillary :)

1 comment

hillary said...

I had to hunt this down dude I don't know how I didn't see this. (though i have had a rough few weeks..)
Thanks so much for doing this. I appreciate it.