Grey Trouser Dilemma

I know the tittle sounds like a serious matter, but it's just me trying to figure out if I should keep a pair of grey trousers or not.
I picked them up on a shopping spree about 5 or 6 years ago in the Papaya store in Pottomac Malls, Virginia. Probably paid about 25.00 USD for them.
I purchased them when I was about 10 pounds lighter.
Every time I am going to wear them I have issues with the right height shoes and also with the fact that they are a little low at the waistline. 
They a little flared at the bottom and are the my only dark grey pair of pants.
I just went back in the blog and saw that I only wore them 3 times in a year.

On these two pictures, in September 2010 and the last one is August 2009.

I have thought of taking it to the seamstress to have the hem lowered which would make it easier to wear with heels. The seamstress could probably take the in so they are not so "flared" at the bottom.
The other option is just get rid of it, period.
Here is where your help is needed, what do you think ? What would you do ?
I am all ears !


Meli22 said...

on one hand, I love the outfit with them with the sweater vest.

on the other- 3x in one year, not enjoying wearing them, and the fact that they were not expensive in the first place (how much would it be worth to tailor them)... hmmm.

The flare is a limitation in that you would not be able to wear it often- it isn't a true 'basic'

I would say, let them go/sell them, and find a pair that you feel better in and remix/reuse more.

Frances said...

I agree with Meli22. The alterations are probably going to cost more than you originally paid for the pants. I say get rid of them and go out and find yourself a pair that you love and are comfortable wearing. You should feel comfortable in every piece of clothing in your closet.

Sheila said...

Find another pair - there are zillions of grey pants out there! There's bound to be a pair or two that you love.

KATHY said...

Todas las combinaciones estan divinas..pero la 2 ame mas..besos Lore!!!

LyddieGal said...

If the overall fit isn't that great, I think you should search for a new pair. Also, it's hard to lower a hem on a pair of older pants, as the edge will probably be really, really stubbornly creased and possibly discolored leaving a 'ring' once you've lowered them.

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Iris said...

I love the outfit with the vest but, with all the reason against them I feel like it might be time for them to go...

nurmisur said...

If you don't love them I would say let them go.You can find a fit that you like better overall and be able to wear more often.