It's been over a year !

Yes, over a year since I wore this suit last.
A year.
I am not sure why I don't wear it that often.
A wild guess could be that it is an informal (due to pant length)
suit, but then again I do not work in a formal environment.
The fabric is amazingly light, the color is light pink with thin
white, beige and blue lines.
Maybe it hangs in the part of the closet that I very seldom 
look at or it could be that I usually always wear it the same 
way and it just plain bores me.
I think that's it.
Whenever I have worn this in the past, I recall it being
worn with a white top. ALL THE TIME.
Also the same shoes I am wearing right now: white sandals.
I made an effort to mix prints (see below) in regards to the
shirt so I could take this suit out of this rut.
I need help...
How else would you wear this ?
What color shirt ?
Shoes ?
Accessories ?
Alter it ?
I am all ears.. Happy Monday !
Nathalie B pink suit · Light blue striped top · White sandals Etienne Aigner ·
Marc Jacobs wanna be bag 


Frances Joy said...

I really like the subtle pattern mixing. I have such a hard time with suits... Maybe you can break it up into separates?

Anonymous said...

I also agree about breaking it up into 2 separate pieces. I think the jacket is flattering on you, but the capris not so much. I could see that jacket with jeans, a denim skirt, maybe even khakis. I also think the jacket would look cute with the sleeves rolled up.


Brittany D'Lynne said...

I love the color of this suit! I agree with the above poster-that jacket looks awesome on you and I'd wear it by itself sometimes. How tall are those heels? I think maybe something in a pointier closed-toed heel might elongate your legs a little more and make the capris more flattering on you. Just a suggestion! :)

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I really Like this suit. I would wear it with a black tank underneath and some statement necklaces and some black pointy heels.
To answer the question on shoe storage...
Right now we have an extra room in our house and I store some in there and some in my bedroom closet and some under the bed in a pull out organizer that is meant for blankets. It is really terribly unorganized because there are too many. I should probably downsize but I am not ready quite yet. : )

Miss Emma Kitty said...

Btw, I got the Pura Lopez at foot candy online. I didn't put that down on my blog because it is my little secret : ) They have the Best Clearance that I have seen. I am being kind of selfish. I want all of the clearance shoes for myself Lol.

drollgirl said...

i think you are wearing it well as it is!

i am trying to be more brave/bold with mixing patterns. it is tricky. i am not all that bold with clothing -- more so with jewelry. but i am trying!

sometimes pastels just fade into the background. it is hard to make them pop.

Iris said...

I agree with some other commenters, I would totally split this suit up and wear the pieces seperately, it might be easier to get more use out of it that way. The jacket looks beautiful on you!

LyddieGal said...

I can see how the pant length makes it a bit awkward -- perhaps if you skinnyified them you might be happier? I've done that before...

Either way the jacket is still quite lovely and you should wear it more on it's own. I would love it see it with more saturated colors and prints!

Bombshellicious said...

I would put a more funky t shirt underneath something a bit 'out there' in a brighter darker colour maybe a black with really bright lettering colouring or something all over. Maybe u could take the trousers up a bit and make them into long length shorts. Jacket gorgeous though anyway. xx