Saturday Happenings..

On Saturday I got my car back from the shop.

Can you believe the Volkswagen dealership ? and I quote 
"The hood works great, it just has that sound telling
 you it needs to be checked, but we don't dare
check because we could ruin the hood's mechanism..."
It's awful how my dream car is turning into a nightmare.
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans 
- Brown tank top
- Vintage scarf
- Blue sequin thongs
- Leather tote from market in Morocco
- Green crochet earrings

Saturday night we had a College graduation dinner to attend.
I was a little reluctant to wear this black dress, the reason I wore it
was because it was hanging there in the closet where I put 
items that can be worn again before going to the 
cleaners/clothes hamper.
So it was kind of a lazy pick.
I should have chosen color. Everyone, even the graduate
was wearing black, it was like a uniform!
I had someone (hint:white haired little one) who kept
looking at everything I did...
Wore a LBD purchased in Target last November, 
Hello Kitty jewelry by Avon,
pink bracelet by Swaroski and silver padded clutch.


KATHY said...

el esmalte esta divino...los aros tambien...

me encanto este vestido negro...

Ans said...

Love the leather tote!!