Home: My Bathroom

We moved to this 35 year old apartment about 3 years ago.
We knew that we needed to have many things fixed.
It was something we were aware of and ok with.
Our first task: the bathrooms.
The apartment has 3 bathrooms, 
we decided to remodel two of them.
This is the one in the master bedroom.
It is a small bathroom and in my head it is 50%
finished, while my H thinks it's done.
We replaced everything here. Everything, but the mirror.
Floors, tiles, toilet, sink, shower head....you name it.
It was hard work choosing all the materials 
and then living under tons of dust for weeks.
Finishing touches like the stainless steel storage fixture on the wall, 
the drawers under the sink, the round mirror, the toilet paper holder 
and the towel holder are from Ikea.
(Have I told you I love Ikea?)

One of the last things that we did, 
well more like I drove my H insane to do, 
was paint the ceiling in silver.
(Sorry I forgot to take a picture)
The original idea was to install a bathtub... 
well the idea remains the same.

My favorite part of taking a shower is being able to look outside.
I can see the ocean and sometimes even cruise ships.
Sometimes I see my neighbor taking a shower :o(
When I shower, I do wonder if there is anyone looking, 
so I make my them very short.


LyddieGal said...

i've never showered in front of a window... too funny! I love your basin sink. Your shower looks pretty enormous, which is awesome.

Chic on the Cheap

Sheila said...

Wow, 3 bathrooms?? I'm so jealous - we only have 1 (and our condo is huge).