It's July Folks !

Time has literally flown by.
I am totally shocked it's already July and it's almost 
been a year since I began writing this blog. 
It is almost time for me to begin my Christmas presents list...
- Dress Zenana Outfitters
- Red suede belt
- Black cardigan George
- Mini straw bag (gift from boss)
- Textile pin (Street market Argentina)
- Orange, red and turquoise earrings 
- Red flats Miz Mooz 
Today there was very little time for pictures 
and in case the dress seems familiar, 
it's because I wore it over the weekend :)


Meli22 said...

Love that dress- beautiful color & love the ruffled hem!

Iris said...

I love the pin, it is SO unique!

Delane said...

lol @ Christmas don't keep one all year on Amazon (like I do) :-)

Taylor said...

Fun pin, fun belt, gorgeous earrings - I want!

drollgirl said...

these colors look amazing together.

now give me your earrings. DO IT.

Kristen said...

Love thst cute bag! I almost wore turquoise and red with black today. GMTA even across the oceans!

B a la Moda said...

Me gusta el contraste de ese azul con rojo! Qué chulo.

B* a la Moda

Elaine said...

What??? You're already thinking about Christmas?? ;)

clothed much, a modest fashion blog


Ese cestito es precioso y los pendientes también!!


Anonymous said...

That color looks gorgeous on you and your purse is cute as a button!


Sheila said...

I love all these colours! Lovely.

I can't believe you're starting your Christmas list, Lorena!