The Mirror Lied

I could have sworn this looked ok this morning as I looked in my bedroom mirror.
But, apparently the elevator mirror was the one that broke 
the news to me: not so.
I was already on my way out and its Friday and half of the staff in my 
office is out, so I did not care to go back and change.
I thought I had it going with the Forever 21 white tank with ruffles, Sawary beige striped cropped jacket, Qupid animal print shoes and zipper cuff...not.
Sometimes there is other stuff in my mind that is more
important, like my landlady issue.
It's still not resolved, it keeps me awake at night.

Is there anything keeping you awake at night ?
How do you deal with it ?


Carla said...

cute shoes!!
When I cant fall asleep I listen to my ipod =)

Sheila said...

What's wrong with this outfit? You look cute!

I often get work stuck in my head. I do crossword puzzles in bed until I start dozing off.

Meli22 said...

you look fine! What don't you like? I really like the top & jacket- and I love the bag & shoes :)

Kristen said...

I thought this outfit looked great!

I am really digging these poses of you leaning forward on the couch. I feel like we could sit there and solve all the problems of the world together, all the time wearing fabulous shoes!