For the Love of Bags !

Last Saturday I posted about bags and my love for them.
The last question was:
" How many bags do you own ? "
Well many of you took the time to share that information, which I now 
share with the rest of you.
To be honest, I was kind of surprised...
Meli22: 3 bags
Iris: Over 50
Carla: A little over 10
Jane: Too many
KP: 5 or 6 
Sheila: About 20
LyddieGal: 11 at sight and 20+ hidden in closets and drawers
Jan: Was going to count them and some of us did not know.
When I wrote the post, I had no clue how many bags I owned.
Well this morning I counted.
My estimate was somewhere around 30.
So I went to the chest (below) where I keep some of them and 
began to count.
And continued to count in the guest bedroom 
where now some of them are hung.
I felt a little ashamed.
I am not letting my H know this number.
No, no, no - it could be used against me!
I have a total of 51 bags including the one I am currently using.
My bags range from less than 5.00 USD items 
to others that cost hundreds of dollars.
The funny thing is that the cheap ones are the
ones I use the most.
The expensive ones I have not worn in over a year.
I just realized that...
which is one of the reasons I blog.
You find stuff about yourself that either others point
out or it is just revealed to you !


PetiteGorgeous said...

What pretty bags you have :).

Over the years I've learned that accessories are very important to an outfit. I was very lacking in that department. My view on bags was more of functional purposes. Now, I've come to view a bag as an essential part of a complete outfit.

Bombshellicious said...

Oh my you have a lot Lorena hehe. My bags are functional rather than to accessorise as I cant be bothered to keep taking stuff out of one and putting it another ..... I am oh so lazy lol xx

LyddieGal said...

Bags are so addicting... and they are easy to forget about, especially when you go stuffing them inside one another to save space. Some bags I haven't carried in years, but you never know when you are going to want to carry an iridescent purple slouchy bag again...

Chic on the Cheap

Kristen said...

You do have such great bags!

I rarely post photos of my bags, but I have at least 20, many of which never get used. I should do another cleanout of those...