Baby's First Tooth

Sometimes I get crafty.
But, I HAVE to be in a certain mood.
We have a custom that when a baby gets their first tooth it is celebrated (i know...)
The way to do that is to make rice pudding for family and friends.
Not invite them over for the rice pudding but, deliver it to them as a party favor.

My cousin's baby girl had her first tooth several weeks ago. 
I volunteered to decorate the rice pudding containers and grandma made her rice pudding recipe.

It was over 50 of them. 
It seemed endless but the final result was good.
The transparent cups were covered with a pink checkered napkin and then placed inside a transparent bag which was tied with light green ribbon.
I tied a knot and inserted a small spoon so the person receiving it could eat it and have a napkin at hand.
Finally I placed a card with the baby girl's name and added a picture of a happy tooth.
Are you crafty ?
I certainly know someone who is, you have got to visit 
Clau! at 
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Carla said...

what a cute custom!! And really cute decoration!

Jane W. said...

That's an adorable custom! Cute wrapping, too!a

Lisa Grace said...

These look so cute! Such a sweet idea :)

Sak said...

we do it too! we take them to the temple and give them rice with butter in a silver cup and spoon. the wrapping looks cute. I m not crafty ...