Black and white dress Fox - Black perforated flats Nine West 
Vintage black hand bag Paloma Picasso Othe
Black and white textile necklace Saturday Kate Spade

Some days I feel so strong, yet so very frail.
Other days, I no idea where I am going but I keep on walking.
Others I am just grateful.


Mica said...

I love that necklace and that's a pretty dress! Sometimes all we can do is just keep pushing through till things get better!

Hope you have a good weekend ahead of you!

Away From The Blue

Sheila said...

That sounds positively menopausal! My brain is all over the place these days - I'm now fully in menopause. Hot flashes, my body shape shifting (weird!), brain fog. I'm trying to be more chill about basically everything.

I love this dress - it has a very 1920s vibe.