April Edits

April is finally over, here are this month's closet editions:

Grey Rampage blazer purchased sometime in 2013 sold for 12.00, it was part of a 2 piece set. I let go of the skirt years ago because it did not fit. Same with the blazer, it was snug. 

These nude pumps by Flexi were purchased in 2014 for 64.15 USD , they were comfortable from day one.  I bought them as I needed a pair of nude pumps for a trip to Switzerland.

Worn at least 53 times. I wish I could re purchase these shoes, however it seems this model is no longer made :(

 Swarovski necklace with rhinestone knot, I barely wore it, It was a gift from a Trade Show in Ft. Lauderdale  lifetime ago. Sold for 50.00 USD

The Bee Happy C Wonder shoes were worn about 24 times and purchased for 80.00 USD in March 2016. They were quite beat up.


This lavender top purchased in June 2015 for 23.00 USD. It was part of one of my very last Forever 21 hauls ever. Worn at least 10 times, it was faded, piling and I was done with it. 
Striped J. Crew skirt purchased in September 2020. I realized it had a stain and since it was worn 3 to 4 times I already had a 0.25 cent cost per wear.

Last is a pair of bright colorful earrings I cannot locate a picture of. 

They were a birthday gift from a friend but I never wore them.

7 items.

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Sheila said...

Excellent culls, Lorena! I remember some of those!