Wearing white in the terrace

White dress Forever 21 - Black leather satchel Rebecca Minkoff
Black and white buddha bracelet - Chain link bracelet 

Black perforated flats Nine West

Just wearing white in the terrace. 



Mica said...

that's a lovely white dress! I wish I was brave enough to pull off a white dress - I can do a white tee but even then I sometimes have trouble keeping it clean, haha! too clumsy myself, and with the kids...

Hope that you are having good weekend. It's a wet long weekend here.

Away From The Blue

Sheila said...

Your terrace is lovely, Lorena! And you are looking fab in your white dress. Good to see you!

backinstyle said...

Love this easy dress on you for the hot weather. It must be comforting have this beautiful, peaceful space to retreat to!