Travel memories

Black bow sweater MNG Mango - Printed trousers Zara - 
Black leather satchel Rebecca Minkoff - Burgundy flats French Soles 

Vintage gold flower ring - Pearl bracelet from Bolivia

These days when the last thing on my mind is getting on a plane I am able to travel through the items I have purchased over the years when traveling was a once a month thing. 

For example today, this pearl bracelet reminds me of the marvelous places I visited and the lovely people I met while in Santa Cruz de Bolivia years ago. 

These moments keep me going. 

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Sheila said...

I get that same feeling when I look at my party clothes, remembering all the good times and often wondering if they'll ever be back.

How is it going down there? I am scheduled for my first shot of the vaccine next week, and it feels like it's been forever.