The showroom

Blue cropped trousers BCBG - Red blouse Forever 21 - Butterfly print heels Nine West - 
Red acrylic flower necklace 

Almost a year ago I entered this place for the first time, had a meeting that ended in a job offer that I turned into a consulting opportunity that was to last two months. 

Little did I know what 2020 had in store for us.


Sheila said...

Wow, you look gorgeous here, Lorena. What a shock last year was.

Mica said...

I like the red and blue together! :)

It definitely was a year full of surprises last year, not all good ones! It is exciting you are still working there! :)

Away From Blue

Shelbee on the Edge said...

That is such a bummer! It looks like a cheerful place to work and I remember how excited you were when you shared about the job. This outfit is so pretty! I love the color blocking of these two two rich colors.